HTC's long rumoured smartwatch has been delayed further until the end of April, according to claims made by renowned Twitter leakstar evleaks, who earlier predicted that the wearable device would come out in February.

The arrival of the company's One series flagship smartphone, which is also expected in April, could coincide with the launch of the smartwatch, although evleaks has not mentioned whether HTC is planning to launch both the devices together. HTC's first smartwatch codenamed "Halfbeak" has been rumoured to sport a round display with resolution at 360x360 pixels.

HTC is one of the hardware partners for Android Wear. While all the other partners such as Samsung, Motorola, LG and Asus have already rolled out their Android Wear smartwatches, HTC is yet to make its debut.

According to HTC's annual report for 2015, revenue dropped 35% when compared to a year ago. The total revenue was NTD 121.68bn (£2.53bn, €3.27bn), whereas in 2014 it made NTD 187.91bn. With the launch of A9, the company saw a revenue boost from September to November, but the holiday season witnessed a significant decline.

HTC's virtual reality headset will go on sale in April. The company, in partnership with Under Armour, launched UA HealthBox, a kit packed with fitness product at the 2016 CES event. Inside the box is a wristband, a heart rate monitor and a smart scale.