Ever since Apple released its smartwatch the brand went on its way to corner the smart wearable market. Google struggled to catch up with its Android Wear OS, which is used by several brands right now. Industry experts claim that the operating system's power management capabilities are the problem. Therefore, Samsung and Huawei opted to wearables running on a proprietary operating system to improve battery life. Now, the Cupertino-based tech firm marks another success as its AirPods have become a household name when it comes to cordless earphones. However, the Chinese electronics manufacturer aims to compete with the AirPods Pro with the FreeBuds 3.

After the success of Apple's previous two models, it eventually developed and released a flagship version. The AirPods Pro has a lot going for it with the new ergonomic design, active noise cancelling, audio transparency, and more. Nevertheless, the cost of ownership is somewhat prohibitive for some given the premium price point of $249. Huawei, on the other hand, is offering the FreeBuds 3 for $170, which is around $10 more than second-generation AirPods, notes 9to5Google.

Three things you need to know about the #HuaweiFreebuds3:
1️. Intelligent noise cancellation
2️. Wireless charging
3️. Available in black & white

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Users who are on the Android ecosystem can use the AirPods Pro, but there are certain functions unavailable. This is where Huawei comes in with the FreeBuds 3. The way the industry analysts see it, the true-wireless earbuds are designed with Google's platform in mind.

Vacuum blaring, Freebuds 3 noise cancellation ON.

What noise would you cancel if you could? Tell us below, using #HuaweiFreebuds3 for the chance to win your own pair. T&Cs apply: https://t.co/Xiubd6qQsS pic.twitter.com/t60s02FKzM

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Without its charging case, consumers can easily mistake it for a pair of AirPods with a black ColorWare customisation. Its round case also comes in the same colour and glossy finish, which seems to attract a lot of fingerprints. There's also a white colourway for those who want something similar to Apple. Users can either charge it the traditional way via the USB Type-C port at the bottom or by placing it on top of a wireless charging surface.

Hands up if this is your most hated noise 🙋‍♀️

Tell us below what noise you'd love to never hear again, and you could win a pair of Freebuds 3. You must use #HuaweiFreebuds3 in your entry 🎉T&Cs apply: https://t.co/Xiubd69fBk pic.twitter.com/JNsxSVnpjx

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In order to use the active noise cancellation feature of the FreeBuds 2, users must download the AI Life companion app from Huawei. This will help users pair their device quickly and get an overview of its battery life. A full charge can last up to four hours, while the charging case holds another 20 hours. Overall, it's an impressive alternative to Apple's pricey pair.

Huawei FreeBuds 3
Huawei introduces the FreeBuds 3 with active noise cancellation, wireless charging, and more. Photo: Huawei