Huawei P10 and P10 Plus specs leaked
Huawei P10 and P10 Plus specs leaked Getty Images/Jack Taylor

All the hardware features of Huawei's upcoming flagship devices, P10 and its sibling P10 Plus, have leaked ahead of the launch, which is likely to take place at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event scheduled to be held in Barcelona towards the end of this month.

PhoneArena has shared what is claimed to be a product information sheet for the P10 phone. According to the leak, the Huawei P10 will be available in three variants. One, it is rumoured, will come with 4GB of RAM and 32GB storage. The second model reportedly packs similar RAM but 64GB of internal storage. The last model might have 2GB of extra RAM and offer 128GB of internal storage.

Of the three, the last one seems to be a premium handset in terms of specs and pricing. It will cost $682 (£546), suggests the spec sheet. The first and second variants of the Huawei P10 are likely to be priced at $508 and $595 respectively.

The Huawei P10 Plus, on the other hand, could come in two variants, of which the first model packs 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage. The other model, like the P10, will reportedly have 6GB RAM and 128GB internal memory. They are likely to be priced at $726 and 828 respectively.

According to the leak, both the P10 and P10 Plus are expected to sport 5.5in screens with resolutions at 1440 x 2560 pixels. Huawei's home-grown Kirin 965 chipset is expected to power the smartphones.

Other rumoured key features include a 12 megapixel dual-camera setup with Leica optics and a front-facing selfie camera of eight megapixel.

The only physical difference between the two models could be the screen, claims an earlier rumour. While the 10 might have a flat screen, the P10 Plus could come with a curved-edge screen.

Huawei has already sent out press invites for an event on 26 February, without revealing anything except that the event would mark the unveiling of "a new flagship device".