Move over conventional superhero versus villain movies, as 2016 proves that it is time when crime-fighting heroes duel each other over ideological differences. From the cinematic universe of Marvel to DC, superhero gangs being pitted against each other and have become the order of the day.

After DCEU featured two famous superheroes locking horns in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice; Marvel's Captain America: Civil War had an entire pack of heroes taking sides as they prepared for the ultimate war between Team Captain America and Team Iron Man.

Following the success of the two Comic book moviesat the box office, a whole new range of possibilities have opened up with regards to such fantasy films.

A recent supercut fan-made trailer re-imagined two Marvel characters battling it out with some help from an interesting outsider.

The video, which picks up certain clips from the 2015 hit Avengers: Age Of Ultron, showcases Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark and Mark Ruffalo as the Bruce Banner aka the Hulk.

Interestingly, X-Men's Logan, too, makes an appearance in the clip as Wolverine is called upon to leash the uncontrollable Hulk in the fan trailer.

While the video is clearly based on imagination, it does make one to think what it would be like if the two Avengers actually headline a movie, where they lock horns. Judging by the fan trailer, it seems when Iron Man's attempts to stop the Hulk fails, Ruffalo's character leashes fury on the Universe. In such a situation, Nick Fury, the former S.H.I.E.L.D agent resorts to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to leash the beast.

Will the action-packed trailer ever me made into a real movie starring the Hulk opposite Iron Man? Tell us in the comments below.