Same-sex marriage march in Mexico
Gay and lesbian rights supporters marching in Mexico in support of same-sex marriage Reuters

After thousands of anti-LGBT protesters marched through the streets of Mexico on Saturday (10 September), hundreds of supporters of the community held a rally to Mexico City's Metropolitan Cathedral the following day in favour of the proposed constitutional reform to legalise same-sex marriages all over the country.

In May, President Enrique Pena Nieto had proposed to legalise gay marriages as it is only legal in Mexico City and three other states for same-sex couples to tie the knot.

Gay and lesbian rights supporters organised the rally on Sunday and held placards that read, "I respect your family, respect mine". According to reports, protesters dressed in white marched against the same-sex marriage proposal in several cities of the country – a day earlier. While marching through the streets they chanted, "Children need a father and a mother!" and "wake up and defend the family".

Reports claimed that the Catholic church and a Catholic organisation called the National Front for the Family were behind the Saturday's protests. However, Cardinal of Mexico City Norberto Rivera Carrera denied any involvement in the demonstrations. But despite his denial, in some states, priests were seen participating in the protests.

BBC reported that a social media post confirmed the Catholic organisation was behind the anti-LGBT protests as it had stated that at least 300,000 people had taken part in marches across 16 cities.

According to a member of the National Front for the Family in Queretaro city, the rallies were held to "awaken society in defence of the family, of natural marriage between a man and a woman".