austin texas skyline
There are reports of multiple victims following a shooting in downtown Austin, Texas Wikimedia/User:Argash

Five people were shot, and one killed, in Austin, Texas after what was described by police as "separate shootings in the same area." The fatality is believed to be a woman in her 30s who was pronounced dead at the scene. Police now say the situation is over but it is unclear if whoever was responsible is still on the loose.

When news of the shootings first emerged Austin Police Department (APD) advised residents to avoid downtown area of the city as a manhunt took place. Local TV station KXAN said victims were "spread across the area" with one shooting in a club district in the area of 208 East 6th Street/San Jacinto Boulevard. According to Austin-Travis county emergency services the injured - two women and a man - were taken to University Medical Center, Brackenridge.

A video posted on social media appears to show the scene of one of the shootings in which shots can be clearly heard, though it is unclear if these were the assailant or a police response. APD are asking anyone with video or images of the shootings on 6th Street to email them at:

APD said two areas where shootings had been reported are now "secure." APD said: "Both scenes are secure at this time. PIO responding to identify staging area."

Austin Police Chief Manley told reporters that two separate shootings took place within the same vicinity in a short space of time. At least one assailant began firing into crowds. Of the injured, one person refused to be treated but the rest were taken to hospital. Manley said they have not ruled out the possibility that the shooter was one of the people taken to hospital. An investigation is now underway.