Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine has shared a romantic snap of herself and footballer Neymar after rekindling their on/off romance once again.

The 22-year-old star from Rio de Janeiro declared her love for Paris Saint-Germain boyfriend, who she first began dating in 2014.

The pair got back together last year, but then broke up yet again. Their romance seems to be heating up once more, however, with Marquezine sharing an idyllic snap of the couple from a rock pool in Brazil.

In a shot taken at Pousada Maria Bonita Noronha, Marquezine can be seen lying back in the water while showing off her lean frame in a floral swimsuit, while her doting PSG star beaulovingly looks upon her.

Quoting Brazilian writer Caio Ferndando Abreu in Portuguese in the caption, Marquezine appears to be declaring her love for 25-year-old Neymar, who is the world's most expensive footballer.

She wrote: "I want us. More us. Collared. Coiled. Tied up. Thrown on the living room rug. We who do not bind or untie. I want little and I want more. I want you. I want it. I want Sunday mornings. I want a messy bed, sheet, coffee and pillow. I want your kiss. I want your scent. I want that look that does not tire."

Adding her own sentimental words, she said: "I had to use Caio's words because I think only mine are not enough to describe everything I feel for you. I love you."

Marquezine's very public declaration of love, to approximately 24.5 million Instagram followers, caused a stir on the social media platform, with the picture gaining almost 3m likes thus far.

One touched fan replied: "How beautiful Until I cried with these words It is very much love, what these two feel for each other ❤️ May God always bless Happinessesssss".

While another put: "Stop fighting and live this love that is too beautiful! Do not waste time enjoy the time. I love you so much that God bless the love."

A third added: "It's so beautiful, how beautiful! Willing to live every day more, is close to people who make us have this immense will is where we should be!"

Marquezine's demonstrative post comes a few days after Neymar shared a romantic snap of them kissing to his 86.7 million followers.

The Brazilian footballer, who was bought for a staggering €222m (£197m) by PSG last year, captioned the romantic shot: "when I saw it, I was already in your arms ... love u pretinha ❤️".

Neymar has already scored 15 goals at PSG. Getty