England or Iceland Euro 2016 twitter funny
One of the many superb tweets from the Iceland Foods Twitter account during England's shock exit from Euro 2016. Iceland Foods

The England national football team suffered the wrath of fans after its embarrassing display in a 2-1 defeat to Iceland in Euro 2016, but even the most outraged tweets had nothing on the flurry of sharp-witted barbs from the discount frozen foods supermarket chain, Iceland Foods.

Amid what has been a rough couple of weeks for English citizens – with the Brexit fallout bringing about an unprecedented fall in the value of the pound, David Cameron's resignation as Prime Minister and a whole host of vile public displays of xenophobia – it couldn't get any worse really, could it?

Apparently it could, as the England national team stepped up and promptly crumbled under pressure from the minnows of Iceland during a shambolic display of footballing farce.

The woeful performance that saw England exit yet another major tournament in ignominious fashion prompted an outpouring of dissatisfaction on social media, as football fans expressed their disbelief that England's multi-millionaire superstars could be thumped by a country with a population of just over 300,000 people.

Cue Iceland Foods' social media savagery, all from a Twitter account that pledges to help its followers: "discover the #PowerofFrozen." Clearly in exuberant mood at its namesake's underdog victory, the British company dropped a series of brutal tweets and responses, with the best saved for the final whistle: "Unexpected result in the bagging area".

Twitter / IcelandFoods

During the match the frozen food specialist's account had already hinted at mixed allegiances with a few choice tweets after Iceland's equalizing goal in the sixth minute which almost immediately followed Wayne Rooney's this-is-going-to-be-an-easy-win penalty scored in the fourth minute.

Twitter / IcelandFoods

After a few angry responses, "@IcelandFoods" changed tactics (which is more than can be said of England) and instead switched the topic of discussion to the Game of Thrones finale.

Twitter / IcelandFoods

Several Iceland Foods-themed memes also appeared, with most taking aim at England goalkeeper Joe Hart who fluffed a save for Iceland's winning goal.

Twitter / TheGirlMannix

It a bizarre twist however, at the Iceland Foods twitter was also flooded with both congratulatory messages and all-out anger throughout the game – tweets that were presumably intended for the Iceland football team's official account instead.

Twitter / IcelandFoods
Twitter / IcelandFoods

Even the credit card company MBNA jokingly 'fell foul' of the Twitter handle mix-up:

Twitter / IcelandFoods

In an effort to bring an end to the strange case of mistaken identity, Iceland Foods cracked out a Photoshop image and a rather blunt reminder message:

Twitter / Iceland Foods

As a footnote on the switcheroo-saga, "@GeorgeOnToast" pondered: "People aren't seriously mistaking @IcelandFoods for @footballiceland are they!? Surely not." Iceland Foods nonchalantly responded: "Supermarkets and football teams do look quite alike".