Much online discussion centred around the shock exit of one of the jungle's most famous inhabitants, Lisa Snowdon, as the second celebrity to be voted out of this year's I'm A Celeb... But another subject matter that livened up the Twitter debate was the perceived animal cruelty on the Australian-based reality series.

Some viewers were outraged during Martin Roberts and Adam Thomas' Bushtucker Trial, the Pick and Crit challenge – with many vocalising their disbelief at how the ITV television show was treating living creatures.

The nation tuned in to watch Roberts, 53, and Thomas, 28, have a go at the gory task in the jungle "sweet shop", and were told by hosts Ant and Dec that they had to "hold" critters in their mouths for a period of 30 seconds at a time.

The challenge sparked fury among the viewing public, with one person taking to Twitter to write: "Dear @ITV and @antanddec Crushing insects & eating animal parts is cruel & anything but entertaining. Shame on you #ImACeleb @ChrisGPackham".

Another added: "#ImACeleb cruel and unnecessary....animals are not here for our entertainment! Do not watch this cruelty," while a third put: "Just me who thinks it's cruel on these bugs being shoved in people's mouths?"

The challenge resulted in the pair going through four rounds to win food for the camp – with round one seeing them choose between 10 cockroaches and a stick insect to hold in their mouths. The second had Roberts holding a yabby – an Australian freshwater crustacean – in his mouth, while Thomas held a struggling king cricket kicking for its life.

Meanwhile, former supermodel and television presenter Snowdon was booted off the series after just 16 days in the jungle.

On her departure, Snowdon said: "I think I was more nervous about doing the trial today than coming out, it was such a weird feeling," Lisa said.

"It was brilliant – it was such a great group of people. It was a challenge but I really, really enjoyed it."

On who she thinks will win the series, she revealed her favourites, adding: "You know what, Jordan is such a lovely boy. Whenever I was feeling a bit down he's got such compassion, he's such a sweet guy.

"Larry is such a don, he's the man. But yeah everybody really, they're all just wicked people."

"We were like a family, we really did all get on so well and we did pick each other up if any of us were feeling a bit low and it was just a really nice atmosphere," she continued.

I'm A Celeb continues tonight (28 November) at 8.30pm on ITV.