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A Funnel Web spider is pictured at the Australian Reptile Park Ian Waldie/Getty Images

It's the ITV show renowned for its creepy crawlies, but things just got serious for I'm A Celeb as eight deadly funnel web spiders have been found in the camp. Coincidentally, Tuesday night's (15 November) show has been cancelled due to the football, giving producers time to deal with the critter issue.

There are fears that even more deadly insects could emerge as specialists have removed eight of the spiders after they were found inside a camera hide close to the beds in the Murwillumbah camp in Australia.

The funnel web spider can kill a man with its bite in 15 minutes; they are from the Hexathelide spider family and a number of this type of species can produce venom which is dangerous to humans. There are have been no fatalities, however, since the introduction of modern first aid techniques and antivenin.

And there appears to be a growing web of distress on the I'm A Celeb camp as show bosses also discovered one of Australia's most venomous brown snakes on the helipad – which is at the entry and exit point for campmates including Larry Lamb, 69, Carol Vorderman, 55, and Scarlett Moffatt, 25.

Bob McCarron, the medic who organises the trials, said: "In Australia we have the world's most dangerous spider which is the funnel web. The funnel web's are the most dangerous spider in the world.

"There is an anti-venom and of course none of the celebs have ever been bitten by them – a couple of crew have been bitten in the past. In fact this year in one of the camera hides we found eight. That's the most we've ever found in one day," he added.

Discussing the dangers of the brown snakes, he continued: "Normally we don't get these – we haven't had one for 15 years. They prefer open paddocks. And ours is a rainforest. Well last week we found one in the top helipad. They are very vicious snakes."

Another show source highlighted the seriousness of the findings, stating: "This is really worrying because they are not normally found on set. Producers are being extra careful to make sure the celebs don't get harmed.

"They are making camp their home and will soon get used to their surroundings. But a deadly creature would be devastating for the show," The Mirror reports. But the medic assures viewers that: "We're not going to let anybody die whether it's a celebrity or a crew member."

The last time a campmate was bitten by a snake was in 2010 when contestants Shaun Ryder and former MP Lempik Opik were both nipped. The most recent memorable encounter with a spider was on last year's show, when TOWIE star Fern McCann ate one live in the finale eating task.

Meanwhile, Tuesday's I'm A Celeb has been cancelled due to the England v Spain football match starting from 7.30pm. Presenters Ant and Dec announced the news live on the show on Monday night.

I'm A Celeb continues on Wednesday night at 9pm on ITV.