smartphone Samsung Galaxy plane fall
Smartphone accidentally falls from plane and lives to tell tale with amazing video footage. YouTube / Robert Ryan

Smartphones are all too often criticised for being fragile but an eye-opening clip debunks those claims after showing a smartphone accidentally being dropped out of a plane and coming away unscathed. It even managed to record the whole ordeal.

The clip posted to YouTube shows a Samsung Galaxy S5 taking a 1.000ft freefall after owner Blake Henderson from Tennessee, US, was filming another plane from the window of his small craft when it was suddenly sucked from his hand as the aircraft hit turbulence.

The video goes from serene sky panoramas to a dizzying 12-seconds of footage that flicked and flipped between sky and ground as the phone fell. Obviously, any phone owner would expect their handset to be a goner but the Galaxy S5 video shows it landed fortunately in someone's garden and was still recording perfectly.

The handset lay on the ground continuing to record the ordeal until a few minutes later when a baffled stranger picked up the device thinking it was his friend's, to which he replied: "this ain't my phone."

The owner's nephew, Robert Ryan, uploaded the clip and fielded questions to assure the video was legitimate after a number of users were sceptical about it. Others, however, were completely amazed a modern smartphone could survive such a fall, while others are praising the recording quality. You can see the full clip below:

The phone was evidently returned to the owner after it was handed into the phone network it belonged to, although there has not been any update as to whether it suffered any cosmetic damage at all.