An Indian bride dumped her groom during the marriage ceremony when he failed a simple maths test.

The incident happened in Kanpur, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where the bride gave her husband-to-be a simple sum to solve, the Hindu reported.

To her question of what the sum of 15 and 6 is, the groom replied 17. The wrong answer so infuriated the bride that she walked out of the wedding in the middle of the rituals.

Both the girl and her family accused the groom's family of keeping them in the dark about his poor education, and refused to continue with the rest of the wedding formalities.

"The groom's family kept us in the dark about his poor education," Mohar Singh, the bride's father told the Hindu.

The groom's family tried their best to convince the girl to change her mind, but she refused. This led to an altercation between both the families which was later resolved with police intervention.

"Just before the marriage ceremony Lovely came to know that the groom Ram Baran is illiterate and she refused to marry... Even a first grader can answer this [the maths test]," the bride's father is reported to have said according to the BBC.

Last month, in a similar incident, an angry bride had married a guest at her wedding after the original groom suffered an epileptic fit during the nuptials.