A baby girl born with what is being called a "trunk" in the Indian city of Aligarh is attracting flocks of worshippers who believe the girl is an incarnation of Hindu God, Lord Ganesha.

The girl who is yet to be named was born in a village in Aligarh in the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

She has a protrusion between her eyes that obscures her nose, which people believe resembles closely with the trunk of the elephant God, Lord Ganesha.

Nicknamed as 'Lord Ganpatni' meaning 'Ganesha's wife', the girl is the fourth child of her parents, Om Prakash and Sarvesh, who believe she will bring them good luck.

Om Prakash earns the equivalent of $4 (£2.70) a day as a fruit seller.

"Her face looks exactly like Lord Ganesha. Everybody is saying she is an incarnation of the god. This is why many are coming here to get a glimpse of the baby and are making whatever offerings possible," said the baby's aunt Rajani, reported Hindustan Times.

According to doctors, the girl's protrusion is believed to be a product of gene mutation that can be triggered by malnutrition and increased pollution levels.

"A baby boy was born with a trunk some time back also. Unfortunately, he didn't survive. But if this girl does, the family can go for corrective surgery," Dr. Jayant Sharma from the Jeevan Hospital told the Times of India.

Despite the medical reasoning behind the girl's deformity, worshippers are still flocking to catch a glimpse of the girl.

"I believe this baby is an incarnation of Lord Ganesha and hence I have come here. I feel very peaceful having come here," said a visitor identified as Neelam.

In 2008, a baby girl was born with two faces and believed to be the reincarnation of the Hindu goddess of valor, Durga.