The monkeys in Shimla - a northern hill station in India - are not known to be very pleasant. And a youth learnt this the hard way when he decided to randomly insult a monkey on the street.

The young man, while passing by, noticed the monkey and decided to show him the middle finger. The monkey is clearly no stranger to this insult. He pauses for just a moment. Then he leaps at the youth, "as if he's just one more WWE opponent to be vanquished from the top rope," states a CNET report.

The youth goes down. He appears shaken, but gets up without further insult to the monkey or his own youthhood. YouTube is ablaze with millions laughing at this piece of Indian footage. Check it out below:

"The monkeys of Shimla are not pleasant animals, they roam around in gangs looking for the opportunity to rob tourists of their food or any other item which catches their eyes," the Shimla India Guide website says. The website advises tourists to rent a stick to threaten the monkeys with.