A mother-of-three had to report to police after she received a "vile" letter from a stranger, threatening her and her 12-year-old mixed-race son.

Gracy Jackson, a resident of Solihull in West Midlands, was left horrified when she found the poison pen note dropped at her home on Wednesday, 24 January. In the foul-mouthed attack, the unknown sender of the note had not only abused Jackson but also her son – who is said to be "scared" by the entire episode.

Apparently, the sender and a "few other mothers" were gutted when they found out that Jackson's eldest son was going to be in the same senior school as her son. Citing this in the beginning of the hate-laced note, the person – who seems to be a fellow mum – went on to brand Jackson a "bucket f**** tramp" and her son a "half breed".

Oddly enough, the two-page long racist note also included a warning for Jackson: "I know where you live".

"I've no idea who has done this... It's really vile. That's the only way I can describe it," Jackson was quoted as saying by the Mirror.

She explained, "My husband Dan volunteers with the sea cadets and my boy goes there but apart from that we don't really socialise with people."

"It refers to my son as a half-breed - my son is mixed race. It's a really horrible thing to say about someone, he's really upset about it. He shouldn't have to be exposed to language like that by an adult. It's the racism against James that has upset me the most, he's a kid... It's cowardly," the stay-at-home mum added, as quoted by Mirror Online.

A HORRIFIED mum received a poison pen letter branding her 12-year-old son a “half breed” and her a “bucket f**** tramp”....

Posted by The Stars Post on Sunday, January 28, 2018

In the note, the unnamed writer makes some chilling claims about knowing Jackson's address and urging her to "come and see me whenever".

"Hi Grace, when I found out James was at the same senior school as my son I was gutted and so were a few other mothers. We were going to move our children but you have saved us the trouble. You moved James thank God!" began the letter.

"You are a complete mess putting it around from the age of 14. Some Catholic you are, you are a bucket f**** tramp and don't pretend you don't know who this is. You know alright. You live in a cheap s****y house and drive s*** cars. Your son is a little s***," it further mentioned.