Police have both individuals and corporations could face manslaughter charges in relation to the Grenfell Tower disaster, while announcing the final death toll may be lower than the current estimate of 80.

While authorities have not been able to confirm the number of fatalities in the fire on 14 June, they previously believed it was at least 80, with around 58 formally identified. Police now think the final figure may fall just below to an estimate of about 80.

Commander Stuart Cundy said the number of deaths in the fire could be lowered after police examine recoveries made from the tower as well as video evidence.

Cundy said that CCTV footage shows 240 people escaped the tower between midnight and 8am on the night of the deadly blaze.

Announcing an update to the investigation into the fire at the west London tower block, Scotland Yard said they are also looking into four possible thefts from inside the flats, including one involving a "substantial" amount of money, and a further eight cases of people who allegedly fraudulently claimed money after the blaze.

The Met previously said there are grounds to bring forward corporate manslaughter charges in relation to Grenfell, and warned Kensington and Chelsea Council and the Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation could face prosecution.

The force has now said individuals could also face manslaughter charges, but have not named anyone who risks facing the offences.

Cundy said: "The kind of stuff I would envisage we may come across [during investigation] would involve offences perhaps of fraud, misconduct offences, health and safety breaches, breaches of fire safety regulations, and of course offences of manslaughter, whether that be on a corporate or an individual level."

Labour MP David Lammy previously described the allegations that money was being stolen from the flats inside Grenfell as a "disgrace and an outrage".

He added: "Where were the police? This is a crime scene. We are seeing a litany of failures for Grenfell survivors."

Two people have already been charged with fraud in relations to allegations in the wake of the fire.

Joyce Msokeri, of Ambleside Gardens, Sutton, was charged with six counts of fraud at Westminster Magistrates' Court on 5 September after allegedly claiming to be a survivor of the blaze in order to claim donations.

Anh Nhu Nguyen, 52, is also accused of fraud after allegedly lying about his wife and child dying in the fire in order to claim financial support.

Grenfell Tower fire west London
Individual manslaughter charges may be considered in relation to the fire at Grenfell Tower Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP