This is the moment an off-duty cop in Brazil got drawn into a gunfight with a pistol in one hand and his baby in the other.

Military Police Sergeant Rafael Souza was shopping with his wife and young son in a Sao Paulo pharmacy on 18 November when two robbers entered the store brandishing weapons.

The officer's instincts kicked in and he drew his own firearm, seemingly forgetting that his little boy was clinging to his waist.

CCTV footage shows the highly-trained policeman shimmying across the shop floor, discharging several rounds into the hooded suspects.

Only after he fired the shots did he hand over his child to his wife, who was ducking for safety in one of the store aisles.

The whole incident was over in less than half a minute as the robbers proved no match for the man from the 49th Metropolitan Battalion– even though he was holding a child.

Jefferson Alves, 24, and Italo Creato, 22, were identified as the suspects by local newspaper the Sao Paulo Estadao. They were pronounced dead at the scene by medics from the Campo Limpo Paulista while Souza, his son and his wife escaped unharmed.

The manic episode unfolded in the city of Campo Limpo Paulista, near Jundiai, in the Sao Paulo region.

Souza will be investigated by the Civil Police for homicide and, if he is cleared, will undergo psychological monitoring before resuming activities.

In 2014, another Sao Paulo police officer got drawn into a gunfight while holding his child, a three-month-old girl. At one point, he was forced to drop her as he apprehended the criminal. She escaped with minor injuries.

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