An internet celebrity cat called Lil BUB has appeared in a new video with her owner. Lil BUB and her owner Mike Bridavsky go for a walk around their local area in the new production – the video was produced to promote a music album called Science & Magic, featuring the sounds of the cat.

Lil BUB first came to prominence in 2011 when photos of the cat were posted online by Bridvasky. BUB has a set of genetic anomalies including dwarfism and osteoporosis which gives her a more unusual appearance. The cat has fans all over the world and her public social media profile has more than 2m likes.

BUB was eight months old when Bridavsky took her in. He created a talk show hosted by BUB with guests such as Whoopi Goldberg and Michelle Obama. The duo also starred in a documentary and raised more than $300,000 (£203,000) for animals in need.