Pizza has come a long way from its southern Italian origin and has arguably become the world's most popular takeaway food.

Many countries and regions have their own interpretation of the dish: Canada gave birth to the pineapple pizza (no, not Hawaii), while Chicago is the home to the deep base pizza pie.

Italians may scoff at toppings like sweetcorn and chicken but the beauty of pizza is that it almost always tastes delicious, no matter what the ingredients.

However, Sweden's unique take has been turning heads on the internet... and not in a good way.

Twitter user Mike Bird may have been unaware the storm he would create when he tweeted the following:

"Sweden's favourite pizza is topped with kebab meat and yogurt sauce, so this is only the 2nd most brutal embarrassment they've dealt Italy."

His tweet of course referred to Sweden's football team, who recently stopped four-time winners Italy from qualifying for the upcoming World Cup 2018.

His message was accompanied with a picture of the offending foodstuff, dealing Italians yet another insult by the Scandinavian nation.

As everyone knows Italians are a bit touchy when it comes to mixing up traditional ingredients, as this delivery man found out when he attempted to deliver Hawaiian pizzas to customers in Naples.

"I'm from England, I'm not mocking Swedish cuisine. But if you took this to Naples and showed it to people they'd skin you," Mike Bird further explained.

Not everyone thought it looked that bad, however.

And another simply had to put the facts straight.

However, this was not the end of the matter. It seems Sweden has yet another dark secret in its closet: banana-topped pizza.

Yes you read that right, Sweden uses banana as a pizza ingredient. And sometimes even with curry.

One horrified user wrote: "Is it the climate? The lack of sun for so many months? What made you hurt yourself this way?"