Following Sony Pictures' decision to cancel the release of controversial despot-bothering comedy The Interview, one US cinema chain has offered up a fitting alternative.

Independent chain Alamo Drafthouse had been pre-selling tickets for the film – which concerns the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un – prior to five major US exhibitors electing not to release it due to supposed terrorist threats.

Last night Sony Pictures subsequently decided to cancel the film's release altogether.

Alamo Drafthouse will now be refunding tickets sold and will hold a free screening of Team America: World Police, which famously ridiculed former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

The Interview stars Seth Rogen and James Franco as a television personality and his producer, who manage to net an interview with Jong-un. They are then approached by the CIA, who instruct them to kill him.

Directed, written by and starring South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Team America famously portrayed Kim Jung-il - Jung-un's father - as the villain in their adult puppet comedy.

The screening will take place on Saturday 27 December at their Richardson, Texas theatre.