Over the weekend a certain tech publication reportedly got its hands on an unreleased copy of iOS 14. After their software experts started to dig around the code, exciting details have surfaced regarding Apple's plans for 2020. So far, what has been exposed are information about the iPad Pro, Apple Watch Series 6, an over-ear pair of headphones, new accessories, and multiple software enhancements. The latter is likely intended for existing and upcoming devices. Now, the search continues to uncover even more interesting tidbits.

Perhaps the most notable item on the list is the rumoured iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 as stated by 9to5Mac. Industry analysts and supply chain sources had been hinting at a new low-cost iPhone from Apple a few years back. It seems that consumers will finally get one soon, provided the component supply and manufacturing goes back to normal levels. However, it is possible that the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak might delay its release.

Furthermore, the code embedded within the leaked software suggests that the budget-tier iPhone will have Touch ID along with Express Transit functionality. Given its purported affordability, it could help encourage those holding on to older models to finally make the upgrade. The iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 is expected to ship with iOS 13.4 out of the box, and eventually move to iOS 14 when it starts seeding to compatible devices later this year.

A related report from last month highlighted news about several unannounced Apple products listed by Target. The inventory data quickly made its way online and went viral as it allegedly confirmed a journalist's speculation. Among the items revealed were the AirPods X, iPod Touch X Generation, and Apple TV Gen X. It so happens that the latter was also included in the latest leak in addition to a new remote.

Apple TV
A new version of the Apple TV is expected to be capable of 4K streaming Reuters

Finally, the people scouring the iOS 14 code likewise pointed out that Apple's AirTag smart tags will be supported by the firmware. Moreover, it will feature a user-replaceable battery for added convenience. One fascinating functionality for this product it is possible for newer iPhone models to track these with augmented reality applications. Meanwhile, it can also emit a notification sound to help reveal its location.