Just recently, several fascinating features of upcoming Apple products were allegedly revealed by a copy of an unreleased iOS 14 software. These included devices such as a new iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard, and the Apple Watch Series 6. For the smartwatch, it appears that the manufacturer plans to include a pulse oximeter to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels. Another notable upgrade involves the ECG, which should improve its accuracy. Now it seems that there were still more hidden within the code.

As with the previous reports, the information was discovered by 9to5Mac. According to their findings, there might be more than just a new sensor and enhancement for its existing components. Industry analysts noted that each time an update to WatchOS comes out, there are several new elements that get added into the mix. Since tech users generally prefer to have some form of control over their gadgets, the new wearable could introduce something to that effect.

The copy of the iOS 14 code is suspected to have even more secrets to tell. Bit by bit experts are peeling away what it will bring to the table upon launch. One of the latest ones to have been uncovered are talks about the watch face. Apple is reportedly working on functionality for users to customise pre-installed watch faces. Apple Watch Series 6 owners should be able to tweak the colours, complications, and styles according to their preference.

Furthermore, an option to share customised watch faces with other users will be made available as well. Others are hopeful that this is a step in the right direction to eventually allow the installation of third-party watch faces. Next up is a new mode for its Infograph watch face, which currently has Infograph and Infograph Modular. The new addition is called Infograph Pro and will apparently include a tachymeter.

Apple Watch
Apple CEO Tim Cook closes the presentation as an Apple Watch is shown in background during an Apple media event in San Francisco, California, September 9, 2015. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

WatchOS 7 will likewise enable Apple Watch owners to use shared albums for Photo watch faces. Starting with the Apple Watch Series 6, parents have more control over the wearable using their iPhones. iOS 14 reveals that the Schooltime function will limit the types of apps and functionalities of their kids' smartwatch during certain hours. Finally, sleep tracking is hinted to be available.