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A new hoax is quickly spreading across social media platforms that claims that the new iOS 8 update will help users wireless-ly charge their iPhones and iPads with the help of a household microwave. Users should understand that this claim is false and that they will most definitely blow up their iOS device if they try this.

The alleged feature is called 'Wave' and claims to be Apple's "latest and greatest addition to iOS 8." It was tweeted recently and the graphic claims that Wave becomes active once you update to the latest iOS version.

Check out the image carrying the claim below. It says that users can charge their devices by simply placing them in household microwaves for 60 seconds at 700w or 70 seconds at 800w, and thus do away with a standard charging adapter.

Wave is a Hoax Apple Wireless Charging
Wave is a hoax that could permanently damage your phone or tablet

Thanks to the use of some of Apple's signature choices in font, design layout and colour scheme, this graphic is being mistaken as a genuine communication from Apple.

According to PhoneArena, it appears that some users have fallen victim to this new hoax. Check this image out below. However, we can't confirm the authenticity of this claim at the moment.

Not only do users risk destroying their device by following the instructions from this hoax, but they could also start a fire that could endanger lives and personal property.

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