Apple has officially confirmed the delayed iPadOS 16 release. So, the current iPad owners will have to wait a little longer to receive the new OS. Notably, the iPadOS 16 is said to debut after Apple releases the iOS 16 later this year.

Apple has a reputation for releasing new iPadOS alongside the latest iOS. The company offered a statement to TechCrunch, noting that 2022 is a big year for iPadOS.

The upcoming tablet's dedicated platform will boast awe-inspiring features. Apple pointed out that it is not confined to a fixed iPadOS release date.

In its statement to the tech website, Apple officially confirmed that the new iPadOS would be offered after iOS. This will be a free software update, version 16.1. In other words, non-beta users will receive the first version of iPadOS 16 only after Apple releases the first iOS version.

There is a possibility that Apple could release the two 16.1 releases around the same time. However, the tech giant has neither confirmed nor denied this speculation. This isn't an unprecedented move when it comes to Apple software releases. Although the two operating systems are based on the same foundation, Apple will spare no effort to distinguish them. In the meantime, it will continue to tout the iPad as a device for serious work.

Also, this is a prominent sign that the iPadOS release isn't connected to the iOS release timeline. Apple is flexible in terms of updating the tablet's OS. The company unveiled the iPadOS 16 at its recently concluded annual WWDC event. The software's most notable feature, dubbed Stage Manager, is comparable to the macOS counterpoint. The Stage Manager facilitates and expedites the process of switching between apps.

Apple has been catching flak for how it executed the new feature on the tablet. While the Stage Manager works fine on the desktop, using it on a tablet is an arduous task. Some of the limitations include default touchscreen interaction and smaller display sizes. The big update enables users to bring the Stage Manager side rail back using just a gesture. Lastly, the 16.1 update comprises the standard beta bug updates.

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