Apple's upcoming iPhone release has had Apple loyalists digging for more information. From release dates to specs, Apple has kept its fanbase guessing. There have been many rumours on the specs of the new phones, and their launch date. But an accidental statement by the president of the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, Ken Miyauchi, has hinted at a late September release date.

During an interview, Miyauchi was asked about how SoftBank would manage the launch of the latest iPhone. With a new telecommunications business law becoming effective from Oct. 1, Ken Miyauchi said the company would have to wait 10 days after the iPhone 11 launch to start sales in Japan.

The statement puts the presumed iPhone 11 release on Sept. 20.

A former Apple intern leaked a portion of iOS source code that made its way to GitHub this week Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Sept. 20 launch date would also follow Apple's usual pattern for iPhone releases:

  • iPhone XS/XS Max was released on Sept. 21, 2018
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus was released on Sept. 22, 2017
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus was released on Sept. 16, 2016
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus was released on Sept. 25, 2015
  • iPhone 5s was released on Sept. 20, 2013
  • iPhone 5 was released on Sept. 21, 2012

An early September announcement and a late September launch are what users are gearing up for.

Apart from the release date, there are many speculations regarding the features. Apple has made it clear the 5G features are not part of the 2019 release. The 2020 iPhone will be the one to be 5G enabled. However, this does not mean you have to skip the iPhone 11.

Apple is expected to load the iPhone 11 with a triple rear camera, a larger battery, new processor and an upgraded A-series chipset. iPhone 11 is more of an upgraded version of the XS with a better camera. The 2020 release is likely to see a number of state-of-the-art additions, which the iPhone 11 will missing out on.