It is the first month of 2020 and as early as now, consumers are already eager to get their hands on the latest tech. CES 2020 recently wrapped up with only a few manufacturers showcasing smartphones. It is understandable given that the Mobile World Congress is already scheduled for next month. Samsung is expected to launch the first few of many flagship smartphones at its Unpacked event on Tuesday, February 11. It might be a while before Apple talks about the iPhone 12, but it appears keeping up with its upgrades might become a little more expensive this year.

While it is a known fact that Apple products such as its iPhone series regularly launch with a premium price tag. Unlike those who can afford to shell out the money to purchase one outright, others must rely on alternate methods to circumvent the prohibitive cost of ownership. This is where mobile service providers come in to subsidise the expenses.

For interested buyers who do not want to sign up for a mobile plan, Apple actually offers a trade-in program. According to market analysts, it is a brilliant strategy for encouraging consumers to continue patronising its products, thereby improving sales. However, Forbes reports that unpublicised adjustments made by the company will leave potential customers at a disadvantage.

Sources confirm that the fine print related to the trade-in values of iPhone models have been tweaked by the Cupertino tech outfit. What makes it alarming is that newer models are remarkably priced lower than before. Those who have plans to take this route will be selling their units at a big loss. In contrast, other interested parties would likely offer more if the handset is sold via other online platforms instead.

There is no indication that Apple will cease to make even more adjustments throughout the year. Nevertheless, it is better to keep up-to-date with these matters before the next iPhone comes out. It is rumoured that there will be more than three iPhone 12 versions in 2020. In addition to the speculated 5G-ready options, the iPhone SE 2 might possibly make its debut as well.

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Workers prepare for the opening of an Apple store in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China January 23, 2015. Reuters/Chance Chan