Last year, even before the release of the iPhone 11 series, it was rumoured that Apple was had plans to revive an older handset model. As it stands right now, consumers have three options available when the annual hardware refresh takes place: the standard, Pro, and Pro Max. It seems the manufacturer will likely do the same for the iPhone 12, but offer 5G-capable alternatives which should come up to a total of six variants in 2020. Now, a reliable industry insider just leaked a purported render of the iPhone SE 2.

When the original launched back in March 2016, it provided consumers with a compact and capable iOS handset. Among the iPhone lineup sold by Apple, it was by far the most affordable. Users traditionally expect to pay a premium price for the company's products, which is probably why the SE was reportedly a hit in the mid-range market.

Currently, the available iPhone SKUs are flagship-tier mobile phones that are considerably more expensive than its Android counterparts. However, Google appears to sell its Pixel smartphones at a relatively high price point as well. Based on the report from Android Authority, the leaked images of the iPhone SE 2 renders reveal more about the speculated device.

While most people are calling it the SE 2, there are sources suggesting that Apple might be listing it as the iPhone 9. While the majority of manufacturers are producing smartphones ranging from the budget-level to high-end with smaller bezels, the renders show a familiar thick bezel on the forehead and chin on the iOS handset.

It matches what the previous rumours detailed such as the glass and metal chassis. It resembles the iPhone 8, but is notably slightly thicker to probably accommodate a bigger battery. Additionally, it was noted that the rear glass panel will be frosted instead of glossy.

Other key details that can be gleaned from the renders show a single-camera setup for the front and back, while the Touch ID-enabled home button sits just below the display. Those hoping to see the return of the 3.5 mm audio jack will be disappointed. It looks like Apple is officially abandoning the interface for all its smartphones. If ever the iPhone SE 2 comes out, it might face tough competition even from entry-level Android devices.

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The iPhone SE misses out on 3D Touch, but is otherwise almost identical, feature-wise, to the iPhone 6S IBTimes UK