Siri is now available on iPad 2
Siri is now available on iPad 2 Reuters

Just days after the Absinthe jailbreaking tool for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 was released, developers have wasted no time in creating new features for Siri.

SiriToggles is a third party application he voice-activated personal assistant - exclusively on the iPhone 4S - that gives Siri the ability to turn services like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Airplane mode on and off using vocal commands.

The app - available through the Cydia marketplace - SiriToggles can also be used to adjust screen brightness, launch applications and give a battery life estimate when asked: "What's my current battery level?"

Siri was debuted on the iPhone 4S in October and received mixed reviews, especially outside of the US where the assistant is unable to help with geographical requests - it can't find a local café, or directions home for example.

Also, Siri at first struggled to understand Scottish accents and occasionally returns no answer due to issues with Apple's server.

The launch of Absinthe and SiriToggle will undoubtedly open the floodgates for developers to create apps adding more functionality to Siri; the ability to install different voices would be certainly be high on most users' wish lists, but it is not yet known if this is possible.

SiriToggles is available for free in the Big Boss repository and works with any device running Siri, including those that have had the assistant ported to them.