Apple is a unique company in more ways than one, but the amount of interest its up-coming products create is something no other tech company can compete with.

While we get a lot of blurry images of leaks parts of Apple's new iPhones and iPads, what is often more fascinating is the concept art which designers come up with.

Ahead of the iPhone 6 launch in a couple of months time, we've rounded up the top five concept images of what is expected to be Apple's next smartphone:

iPhone 6 Infinity

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This concept called the iPhone 6 Infinity, features a three-sided screen with virtual buttons replacing the volume controls while notifications bout battery and network connectivity would be displayed on one of the narrow edges, while message would be available on other side.

Ultrathin iPhone 6

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For this concept from SVAVids, the designers thought BIG and THIN.

This version of the iPhone 6 would measures just 5.23mm thin with a 4K "ultra Retina Display." It would be powered by Apple's all-new A8 chip with 3GB of RAM, which is more than the average 2GB of memory found on most flagship smartphones.

Despite its ultra-thin profile, the conceptual artists envision a hidden second screen within the chassis which could be pulled out when needed.

Curved iPhone 6

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These concepts images of the iPhone 6 from designer Federico Ciccarese show a curved chassis and curved rear cover to make holding the new iPhone even easier.

While most of the rumours about the iPhone 6 earlier in the year suggested a curved iPhone could be on the cards, leaks from the supply chain since then have suggested Apple's new smartphone will be as flat as previous models on the back, but could feature similar rounded corners to this concept.

iPhone 6s & iPhone 6c

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Moving from the far-fetched to the more likely, these pair of concept images are likely to be much closer to what Apple actually launches in late August/early September.

The designs from Martin Hajek (commissioned by French site NME) feature most changes which have been consistently reported in the last six months, including a rounded profile, the power button being moved from the top to the right (for easier use with a larger, near edge-to-edge screen) and rectangular volume controls.

The question is however, will Apple continue with the plastic version of the iPhone, considering the iPhone 5c was not seen as a big success for the company. Instead we are likely to see two sizes of the iPhone 6, one 4.7in and one 5.5in.

iPhone Air

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Finally, a concept which imagines the next Apple smartphone as the iPhone Air.

According to French website the renderings are based on sketches purportedly obtained from an Apple subcontractor.

The designs show a thinner, rounder iPhone which match the most recent leaks from the supply chain.

However, just as with all the rest of the concept images here, we'll have to wait a couple of more months to see just what Apple's iPhone 6 really looks like.

Let us know in the comments which of these concept images is your favourite.