Apple's purported 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to make its debut during Q3 this year. Over the last few days, leaked images of the handset and its specifications have been making the rounds on the internet.

If the handset features iOS 8, which is rumoured to be introduced during Apple's 2014 WWDC edition, expect it to pack the following features.


Earlier this year, Apple went on a hiring spree that saw it poaching a slew of sensor experts from leading biometrics firms. Later in March, reports pointed out that a new iOS app called Healthbook was under development.

The app is expected to serve users biometric information based on their sleep and and physical movements with regard to health and fitness.

The users will be able to acquire information such as their blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and much more from their smartphones.

Improved Apple Maps

Apple's Maps application, which came out in 2012, along with the iPhone 5, was one of the biggest failures in the history of iOS. The app was filled with errors and served users extremely inaccurate navigational information, which in some cases endangered lives.

However, Apple has made amends. The tech-giant went shopping in 2013 and purchased not one, but a host of mapping companies. These acquisitions will be used to help Apple step up its Maps game and compete with rival services like the flawless Google Maps.

Locationary, HopStop, Embark Inc and many others were on the list and we expect them to turn Apple's Maps into a powerful navigational tool.


Apple is expected to add song recognition capabilities to iTunes owing to its partnership with Shazam. Upon identifying a song that is playing around them, users would be able to purchase it via iTunes.

Apple will be moving its iTunes Radio, a music streaming service, into a dedicated app so as to boost usage, according to reports.

Beats Audio

If the acqisition happens, Apple will own Beats Music, a subscription-based online music service. It remains to be seen if Apple will borrow some expertise from the brains behind the service to soup up its own music streaming offering.

Apart from this, Apple now will also have the freedom to integrate Beats-powered audio features into its own smartphones.

Mobile Payments Via Touch ID

Reports have suggested that Apple would integrate a mobile payment system into its Touch ID, which is currently on the iPhone 5S and it is expected to find a place on all future smartphones and tablets. Tim Cook has mentioned in the past that adding "it" was one of the thoughts behind Touch ID.