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iPhone 6 Drop Test

Apple's iPhone 6 will be available in several regions across the globe today. Many of you are wondering how the new smartphones fare in a drop test. For more information on that, watch the video below, where AndroidAuthority's Joshua puts the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus through a gruelling drop test.

iPhone 6

When dropped on its back, the smartphone got away without any serious damage. It only received minor scuffs on its back and side. When dropped on the side, it got more scuffs on the bottom but with no serious damage to the phone. With these two drops, the smartphone remains highly functional. Moving on to the face-first drop test, the smartphone remains fully operational with almost no scratches or scuffs added.

iPhone 6 Plus

Side and back drop tests resulted in nothing more than scuffs, showing off the extremely strong build quality from Apple. The face-first drop also resulted in no damage to the screen, with the smartphone getting away in a perfectly operational form.

Bottom Line

As per the drop test, both smartphones remain perfectly operational even after three drops each, allowing us to believe that Apple has put in some stellar design and build quality into the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both smartphones are extremely durable and have what it takes to endure everyday life, even if it's a little rough.

However, it is worth noting that the iPhone 6 did not survive this other drop tests in good shape.

iPhone 5s

Apple's older iPhone 5s, which was launched in 2013, performed rather badly in most drop tests. Several publications inferred that the smartphone came out of tests with severe scuffs, cracked screens and in some cases, an unusable smartphone.

The build quality that we've seen on the iPhone 6 is a huge departure from Apple's work on the iPhone 5s, leaving Apple fans with a solid phone that not only looks good but also takes a solid beating.