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Apple are how much out-of-warranty iPhone 6 repairs will cost Apple

Apple, after unveiling and launching its 4.7in iPhone 6 and the 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus, has now made public the cost of repairs that a user is likely to incur in case of unwarranted damages.

The Cupertino-based company is also offering to address issues falling under two major categories, at new out-of-warranty prices.

These categories, according to Apple are:

  • Screen damage issues
  • Battery and Power issues

If your iPhone6/iPhone 6 Plus encounters cracked or shattered displays, Apple will charge you $109 for your iPhone 6, and $129 if you possess the larger iPhone 6 Plus.

Also, if you happen to encounter battery-life related issues, such as non-charging, and rapid energy drain, you need to shell out $79 to get these issues addressed by Apple.

Apart from the two categories as mentioned above, any other repairs that your iPhone 6/iPhone 6 smartphone unit encounters, will be carried out by Apple under the regular out-of-warranty prices which are as given below:

  • iPhone 6 Plus: $329
  • iPhone 6: $299
  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5: $269
  • iPhone 4s: $199
  • iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, Original iPhone: $149

Customers of the new iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus can temporarily afford to rest in peace as they are covered under Apple's limited one-year warranty period.

Users who bought Apple's AppleCare+ extended warranty can get repairs for two incidents of accidental damage, at a service fee of $79.