Cyclist caught cycling down hard shoulder 

A cyclist took directions from his iPhone app a bit too seriously this morning when it navigated him towards the M25.

Motorists spotted him 'merrily cycling along' on the hard shoulder near the junction with the M3.

Apparently he was looking for a quicker route to cycle home from work.

Surrey Roads Police stopped the cyclist and fined him £50.

Ben Newman who saw the cyclist between junctions 12 and 13, on his way to work at Heathrow, said: "I was keeping an eye out for him, because I heard it on the radio. "No-one could react to him until you were almost on his backside.

He was merrily cycling along, like he was taking in the sights. I've worked at Heathrow for 10 years, I've seen some crazy stuff but nothing as crazy as this."

Joe Soap also saw the funny side of the incident.