At least 29 people have been killed and 71 others injured following an Islamic State (Isis) suicide bomb attack at a football match in Iraq.

Video footage posted to Facebook shows crowds of both Sunnis and Shias in the park where the amateur football match was being played when the blast suddenly strikes, causing a large bang as the screen flashes with colour. Crowds can then be seen running and screaming down the stairs as they flee the area.

The explosion took place in the city of Iskandariya, around 35 miles south of Iraq's capital Baghdad. The head of security in Babel province, where the attack happened, says the suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt in the park as the game was being held.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing. The militant Islamist organisation, who control swathes of territory in Iraq's north and west, also claimed responsibility for an attack earlier this month that killed at least 60 people at a security checkpoint.