Blindfolded man is shown being led to the centre of the street before his hand is cut off
A previous victim of Isis's penal code is shown being led to the centre of the street before his hand is cut off. Isis

New gruesome photos released by terrorist organisation Isis in Iraq show the extent of the group's "eye for an eye" penal code.

The photos, which were released by the militants on 17 June, show an alleged thief as he is blindfolded, has his wrist tied off with a tourniquet and has his hand cut off with a meat cleaver. According to the Daily Mail, which obtained the photos, reported some of the photos released show a crowd of onlookers, including children.

The alleged thief is surrounded by Isis militants, who hold him down as a third man hacks off his right hand. After the man's hand is cut off, an Isis fighter is seen bandaging up his bleeding limb.

The brutal sentencing is believed to have taken place in the Iraqi province of Nineveh, although the exact location remains unknown. The terrorist group is in complete control of Mosul, the capital of Nineveh.

According to the Daily Mail, the photographs show the latest amputations carried out by Isis in the region. The photos, which appeared in a document entitled "In the name of God the Merciful" and had Isis's distinctive yellow logo, were shared by pro-Isis social media users.

The latest images come just weeks after photos taken in Mosul showed how Isis fighters give their victims a number of drugs before amputating their hands. The Daily Mail reported that it is believed that the group heavily sedated the Jordanian air force pilot who was burned to death earlier this year.

Isis explained its penal code in a document released earlier this year entitled "Clarification [regarding] the Hudud". The penal code followed by the extremist group is a radical interpretation of Shariah law.

Anyone found to have committed blasphemy, murder, spying, apostasy or sodomy are punished by execution. Those found guilty of banditry are executed by crucifixion. Meanwhile, those who are found to be thieves have a hand cut off.

On 16 June, Isis in Syria released a video depicting the latest beheading of a suspected opposition fighter. The video came out just hours after the group was defeated by Kurdish fighters in the Tal Abyad.