Terrorist organisation Isis has released a new series of horrific propaganda images showing the punishment doled out to four men accused of homosexuality.

The brutal photographs show the men with their arms tied behind their backs, eyes blindfolded as they are guided to the edge of a tall building in the Iraqi province of Fallujah. According to the Daily Mail Online, a senior Isis officer then commands two fighters to grab one of the victims around his waist and place them at the edge.

The four men are then thrown off the building's edge to their deaths. The terrorist organisation reportedly used several photographers to document the brutal execution from the roof and on the ground, the Daily Mail noted.

A final image shows the damage the victims suffered to their heads in the deadly falls. Unlike other photos of Isis's public executions, the latest images do not show any local civilians or additional Isis fighters as spectators.

This is not the first time Isis releases images of its militants throwing men off roofs for allegedly being gay. In February, IBTimes UK reported that a man believed to be in his fifties reportedly survived after being thrown from a rooftop, only to be stoned to death by a mob.

Other photos of executions relating to homosexuality were released online in January and at the end of 2014.