Members of terror group Islamic State (Isis) have allegedly executed two female parliamentary candidates in the besieged city of Mosul, Kurdish media network Rudaw reported.

It is believed that the women were killed in the Faisalya area in central Mosul.

"IS gunmen executed two former female candidates in Mosul after the Sharia Court issued death sentence on them," said Saad Mamuzin, the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP's Mosul branch.

"One of the candidates was Ibtisam Ali Jarjis on the Watanya list, and the second one was Miran Ghazi a candidate for Arab List," he added, and then explained that the two women had repented in one of IS's mosques to spare their lives.

However, an Islamic judge rejected their repentance and ordered the arrest of the two women in early November.

It is not yet clear why a death sentence was issued for the two women.

In September, IS executed a female lawyer and human rights activist, Samira Salih al-Nuaim, accused of having criticised the group on social media. She publicly denounced the group's violence and the crimes it committed in Mosul.

Al-Nuaim was kidnapped by IS on 17 September and tried in a Sharia court for apostasy. She was publicly executed eight days later.

Mosul fell into the hands of the Sunni militants when they began their insurgence in Iraq and Syria in July.

The terror group controls large swaths of the two countries where the jurisdiction has been replaced by the IS version of Sharia law.