Delegation of the Government in Melilla, Spain Wikimedia Commons

The Spanish ministry of interior has dismantled an online network across the country and arrested four people under charges of luring young women to join the Islamic State (Isis).

The virtual community had thousands of followers and influence not only in Spain but also in Latin America, US, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and other European countries.

During an anti-terrorist raid, two people were arrested in Melilla, the Spanish enclave in neighbouring Morocco, and other two in the provinces of Barcelona and Girona.

The two alleged IS supporters based in Melilla were the founders and administrators of different online platforms which spread propaganda material of jihadist groups, with a particular emphasis on the act of martyrdom. They were also dedicated to the recruitment of women who end up joining the terrorist group IS in conflict zones after a process of indoctrination.

Private home visits were also planned for recruiting purposes and many young people had already started to prepare for travel to war zones.

Those arrested in Spain mainland were described as pro-jihadist propagandist who helped the Melilla hub to administer social media.

One of them was described as IS-sympathiser who became a propagandist. The other one published video to recruit jihadists, according to authorities.