In the latest battle between Isis and al Qaeda, 12 men have been brutally beheaded in Syria in a gruesome new video released by the Islamic State. Isis fighters executed the men after accusing them of fighting for rival terror groups al Qaeda and Jaish al-Islam.

The video, which was allegedly filmed near the Syrian capital of Damascus, shows a dozen prisoners interviewed before being cruelly beheaded by a dozen Isis fighters. Entitled "Repent Before Being Overcome," the video was released by Isis's Damascus branch.

During their interviews, the men are seen clean-shaven, which may have been done to humiliate the men before they were killed.

Similar to the terror organisation's previous videos, the new clip has high-tech effects and Hollywood-style graphics, the Daily Mail noted. Before the men are killed, the video fades into a montage of Isis fighters battling members of al Qaeda and Jaish al-Islam.

Wearing the trade-mark orange jumpsuits, the men are seen "confessing" to opposing Isis and refusing to declare allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The 12 men are then dragged to a secluded desert and forced to kneel before their executioners.

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According to the Daily Mail, the men are seen walking uncomfortably as they are led by heavily armed fighters who are covered in full battle fatigues except for their faces. The militants then hand over the victims to their executioners, who are completely covered

Before being beheaded, a masked jihadi steps forward and issues a scathing warning to other terrorist groups that they must pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or face death.

The three-minute video shows the Isis executioners shoving their fingers into their victims's eyes as they slit their throats with small knives. The Daily Mail reported the victims's heads are then placed on their necks.

The new video comes just days after the Islamic State's branch in Afghanistan executed three "defectors" to the Taliban. While Isis has been willing to work with other terrorist organisations, especially in Syria against the Syrian government, it also appears willing to execute members of rival organisations to demonstrate its power.