Syrian airstrikes
Ruins smoulder after the Syrian regime airstrikes Zaid al-Fares

Warplanes from the Syrian Air Force reportedly carried out nine separate air raids on the city of Raqqa on 25 November, killing more than 125 civilians and injuring at least 100.

The unprecedented air raids, which destroyed more than 40 homes and 30 other buildings, represent the opening of a new front against Islamic State (Isis) Isis by the embattled Assad regime, striking at the militants 'capital' in Syria.

The initial attacks targeted buildings in Raqqa's industrial zone, before the regime's bombers moved on to a mosque and a popular market in the city centre, which were both packed at the time of the strike.

Witnesses say several children were among the victims. A large number of dead and wounded people are still trapped beneath the rubble.

The city's hospitals have declared a state of emergency, and asked the parents of those wounded to come and give blood. However, it is reported that local rescue teams have been severely hampered by a lack of medical materials.

IS took control of Raqqa last year, and today provides all the city's essential services, such as schools, hospitals and utilities. Coalition bombers have inflicted huge damage upon Raqqa in recent weeks as they seek to extricate IS from their de facto capital.

Raqqa Islamic State
Bodies of the victims are draped in sheets after the blasts Zaid al-Fares