Isis (known as the Islamic State) has released a video in which dozens of captured members of Iraq's Yazidi sect are converting to Islam.

The footage emerged after the Islamist group issued a video showing the murder of US journalist James Foley at the hands of a black-clad militant. The Yazidis are followers of an ancient and secretive Mesopotamia-based religion that stems from Zoroastrianism and are considered as devil-worshippers by IS.

Sunni militants stormed into villages in north Iraq forcing them to flee into neighbouring Kurdistan region. Those who stayed were given a simple option: convert to Islam or die. Hundreds of Yazidis were shot dead and women and children buried alive. Many women were taken away as slaves and raped.

But the Isis propaganda video, called "Hundreds of Yazidis convert to Islam" seeks to overturn the brutality exposed by numerous Yazidi witnesses. Two Sunni fighters reply to questions in Arabic from an Isis interviewer: "What has been said is the opposite of reality," the older man says, adding that the group provided Yazidis with everything they need.

"Men, women and children have converted and I was with them and they are happy with their conversions," he says, adding: "We advise the Yazidis to come down from the [Sinjar] mountain [siege] and convert.

"If they stay on the mountain, they will die of starvation and thirst. This talk about aid from Western and crusader countries is all lies. If they convert, we will give them everything they need. They will live a happy life."

Then, the video shows dozens of Yazidis getting off a bus, walking past a truck mounted with an anti-aircraft weapon and hugging Isis militants. After a few moments, hundreds of Yazidis are shown sitting on the floor of a school beneath black Isis flags. "Right now you are infidels. After this you will become Muslims and you will have rights," an ISIS fighter tells them. "Repeat after me."

Yazidis convert to Islam
Hundreds of Yazidis are shown sitting in a school beneath black Isis flag Screengrab