Abu Gosh Israel
The incident took place in the Arab-Israeli town of Abu Gosh, in Israel. Wikimedia Commons

Two Arabs have been arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap a 15-year-old Jewish girl, near Jerusalem.

The incident took place in the Arab-Israeli town of Abu Ghosh, Israel, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The girl told police that two Arab youths offered her a ride before she ran away.

The two men, who corresponded to the girl's description, were stopped at the Qalandiya checkpoint in West Bank. They are being held for questioning.

The motive of the attempted kidnapping is still unknown.

The incident follows the killing of three Jewish youths in the occupied West Bank and the revenge kidnap and killing of a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem last week. Both murders sparked protests and increased Arab-Israeli tensions.

Israeli forces launched a major aerial offensive against Palestinian Islamist group Hamas in the Gaza strip on Tuesday.

The airstrikes - which killed at least 9 Palestinian militants - are part of the IDF's "Operation Protective Edge", aimed at restoring calm in southern Israel.

The airstrikes were carried out in retaliation for 85 rockets fired into southern Israel from Gaza.

Following the Israeli attacks, Hamas group's spokesman promised that Israel will "pay a tremendous price."

US President Barack Obama has urged both sides to avoid conflict and reach a peaceful solution to the conflict.