Israeli politician's wife Judy Mozes sparks criticism after 'black' Obama joke over Twitter. Getty

A senior Israeli politician's wife has sparked criticism after tweeting a racist joke about US President Barack Obama.

Judy Mozes, the wife of Israel's vice prime minister and minister of the interior, Silvan Shalom, took to Twitter and allegedly said: "What do you call Obama coffee? Black and weak."

Mozes, a journalist and TV host, later deleted her tweet and repeatedly issued an apology.

Social media users, however, always take a little longer to forgive and forget.

Mozes was earlier at the centre of another controversy when she took to Facebook in support of Israeli government's action against Gaza.

"There is nothing I value more than human life," said Mozes, reported The Jerusalem Post.

"How is it possible to make peace with people whose children are fed hatred towards Israel from the moment they are born? How is it possible to make peace with people who have it in their DNA to hate us?

"I very much hope that Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] will not surrender to the pressures of our enemies and continue the operation until the last terrorist is murdered in Gaza."