Israeli psychic Uri Geller claims to have saved Newcastle United once from relegation - and now he's proposing to do so again.

Geller, probably better known for his spoon bending than bending it like Beckham, has offered to help the Magpies ahead of Sunday's crunch clash with West Ham, according the Newcastle Chronicle.

John Carver's team will stay in the Premier League if they do better than Hull City, who are at home against Manchester United. Newcastle, however, have not won in 11 matches.

The last time Geller helped the Toon Army, in 2001, the team ended a 29-match win-less streak, beating Arsenal 3-1 at Highbury.

Uri Geller Tries to Bend the iPhone 6
Uri Geller waiting for a phone call to rush up to St James\'s Park

To help them get the result, Uri ran around Arsenal's 11 times - the sum of two and nine in 29 - in a move he promised would see the Magpies end their London jinx. And it did.

"Last time it was easy because I lived in London, but I'd be willing to travel up to Newcastle," he told the Chronicle. "I would only need two or three minutes with the players to get the adrenaline going and to motivate them.

"If Carver invites me that would have much more of a positive effect than anything else."

Geller has more form when it comes to football interventions. He claims to have been in a helicopter above Wembley stadium and made Scotland's Gary McAllister miss a penalty against England during Euro '96.

"I made the ball move and that was unethical," said Uri. "I won't do anything like this again but I can use positive energy to try and help Newcastle win."