Music mogul Simon Cowell has said he will name his son Simon.

The baby is due in February and Cowell is attending private ­antenatal classes at his Los Angeles ­mansion with his fiancé Lauren.

According to Daily Star, he also has a team of top doctors on permanent standby to make sure the pregnancy goes like ­clockwork. While many thought that the X Factor supremo was joking when he said he would name his son after him, it seems he was serious.

"Simon and Lauren have decided that their favourite name for the baby is actually Simon," a friend of the couple stated.

"For a while it was between Simon and Eric - Simon's dad's name, but now it looks like Eric will be the middle name," they added.

At Lauren's baby shower last month, guests brought baby gifts emblazoned with the name Simon and those embroidered with the initials SC, according to Mail Online.

Cowell also said he will brainwash his yet-to-be-born son to talk with a British accent. The mother is based in New York and hence Cowell said he will use tapes of his own voice to teach the baby. According to the Daily Star, he is even sure of what he wants his son's first words to be.

"When he is asleep they are going to be playing in the background. I am being serious. I am doing that for sure, 100 per cent. I want the first words to be 'Hello Simon', not 'Hi Simon'," he said.

He has also said that he wants to watch the moment when his son enters the world. He had previously said he did not want to be at the birth and that he would instead wait in a room next door. But he has apparently changed his mind.

"I don't want to miss such an important moment. I have to get over my phobia of delivery suites," Cowell said.

Lauren Silverman had reportedly asked for his support when she gives birth.

"They have a very close bond now and Lauren gets a lot of strength and encouragement from ­Simon. She just can't imagine him not being there at such an important –moment," a source close to the couple said.

"Simon has totally changed his mind on the whole birth plan and is telling everyone he will be there. Simon definitely has a phobia of the whole giving birth thing but he's working hard to get over it before the big day. Lauren is thrilled and has been ­telling all her friends that Simon has had a change of heart!" the source added.