United States' first daughter Ivanka Trump, who drew criticism for refusing to wear a protective face mask at the first presidential debate earlier this month, has sparked fresh controversy with her 'tone-deaf' comment about the COVID-19 lockdown.

In a recent presidential campaign, Ivanka Trump spoke about how the coronavirus lockdown gave her the opportunity to reconnect to some of "life's simple pleasures," and to learn new skills, like playing guitar. Her remark wasn't well-received by the netizens, who blasted her for being "out of touch" from the grave implications of the COVID-19 lockdown.

During an election campaign near Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Monday, the White House adviser said: "For a lot of us ... during this pandemic, we've reconnected to some of life's simple pleasures. Board games, for example. We've dusted off all of ours, for sure."

The 38-year-old further talked about how the lockdown gave her time to learn how to play guitar. She said: "I took up playing guitar, because my husband was working very late nights. I'd come home, after I'd put the kids to bed and after I went back online and finished my work, I'd be sitting there, and so I taught myself — or am teaching myself — how to play guitar."

The comments that come after a report that some eight million Americans have slipped into poverty due to the COVID-19 lockdown are being dubbed "tone-deaf" by the Twitter users, who are calling Ivanka out for being "insensitive."

A Twitter user wrote: "So great for you. The rest of us have been taking care of our kids at home while we work and helping food banks distribute food. So glad you can relax and enjoy. You're such an example," while another commented: "That's cool, 24,000 New York City residents died."

A third one wrote: "How sweet. I've been jumping from foot to foot trying to keep my business afloat while also trying to create new merchandise and artwork with no operating capital to produce said products. But hey, Vanky got some nice downtime."

The former model had previously also spoken about her new musical hobbies amid the global pandemic, drawing criticism for reframing the crisis through her "lens of joy." In an interview with Yahoo Finance in March, Ivanka stated: "It's a unique time, but I'm trying to reframe all of it through through the lens of the joy of having this family connectivity even if it's sometimes toxic, and you know, on weekends and now in the evenings where normally we would have had a work-related commitment or something else, a school function."

Ivanka Trump
Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka delivered a speech in praise of her father, before introducing his nomination acceptance speech Photo: AFP / Brendan Smialowski

"That includes free online courses in Greek and Roman mythology, and learning to play guitar," she had said.