Borge Brende
File photo: Norwegian Foreign Minisiter, Borge Brende Reuters

Norway's foreign minister Børge Brende expressed his condolences to the families of the victims of multiple explosions in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Coordinated blasts killed at least six people, including four attackers, in multiple locations on 14 January.

Although similar attacks have occurred in Indonesia in the past, no group has claimed responsibility for the latest blasts. However, suspicions are likely to fall on terror group The Islamic State (Isis), after nine suspected Islamists linked to the group were arrested in December as they were planning to "do a concert" in Jakarta.

Other world leaders and politicians took to social media to express their condolence to the families of the victims. Humza Yousaf, Minister for Europe and International Development at the Scottish Government said he stood with people "in defiance of terrorism".

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop released a statement on the attacks. She said the country's embassy in Indonesia was investigating on whether any Australian had been affected. She added the travel advice for Indonesia has been updated.

The UK Foreign Office also updated travel advice for Indonesia, urging nationals to avoid affected areas and follow advice of local authorities. Moazzam Malik, British ambassador to Indonesia, said he was "shocked" by the attacks.

One of the blasts occurred at a Starbuck cafe. The company released a statement saying it was deeply saddened by the events.