Jakarta attacks: Video shows suicide bomb explosion outside Starbucks IBTimes UK
  • Multiple explosions have been reported in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, with reports of gun battles on the streets.
  • Six people are believed to be dead.
  • Indonesian police are reporting that four attackers are among the six killed.
  • The blasts were centred around Thamrin Street, a major shopping and business district close to embassies and the United Nations offices.
  • At least 14 attackers reported involved in the attacks and a manhunt is under way.
  • Indonesian President Joko Widodo has condemned the 'act of terror' and appealed for calm.

Here's what we know so far:

  • Five people, including seven attackers have been killed in multiple bomb and gun attacks in Jakarta. A Canadian national is among the civilians killed, said Jakarta police. The Netherlands said that one of its citizens was seriously injured.
  • Malaysia is on a state of high alert following the attacks.
  • Jakarta police chief Tito Karnavian claims that Isis is behind the attack, which planned by Syria based militant Baihru Naim.

IBTimes UK's Tom Porter has a full report on the day's events so far.

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Jakarta police chief Tito Karnavian has given an update on the attacks.

  • he said that five attackers had been killed, with three killed in a shoot-out in front of the Jakarta Theatre, and two killed in a suicide bomb attack on a police post near a Starbucks cafe.
  • Two civilians were killed, including a Canadian citizen.
  • 20 people had been injured, including an Algerian.


Isis linked media group Aamaaq has reported that Isis militants claimed responsibility for the attacks, reports the BBC.

It quotes a "source" as claiming that the attacks targeted foreigners and the security services charged with protecting them.


ABC's Adam Harvey on the scene of where three people were killed reporting that life already returning to normal in Jakarta.


IBTimes UK's Lydia Smith reports that the UK Foreign Office has updated its advice to UK nationals in Indonesia, and looks at the reaction to the attacks from other foreign governments.


Police believe that an Islamic State-linked group is behind the Jakarta attacks, AFP reporting.


Video reporter Adam Justice has compiled a report on the Jakarta attacks.

Jakarta attacks: Multiple suicide bomb and gun attacks in Indonesian capital IBTimes UK


IBTimes UK reporter Alex Wheeler has compiled images from across Jakarta as police scramble to capture gunmen and assist the injured.

Pictures from scene of suicide blasts, explosions and gun battles shock Indonesia

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The Netherlands' Der Telegraf has obtained shocking footage which appears to show a device exploding in today's attacks. In the film, the device appears to explode under a bench, killing or seriously injuring two people.


A police spokesman claims that the attacks have ended, and security forces are now in control, AP reports.


On social media, Indonesians are expressing their defiance under the hastag #KamiTidakTakut #WeAreNotAfraid


According to AP, Indonesian police are claiming the terrorists 'imitated' the Paris attacks, in which gunmen and suicide bombers murdered 130 people.


The Netherlands Foreign Ministry said that a Dutch man has been seriously wounded in the Jakarta attack, and is undergoing emergency surgery.

Foreign Minister Bert Koenders says the attack shows that "terrorism can hit everybody. Whether you are shopping in the heart of Paris, in a New York office or on vacation in Jakarta."

Earlier, authorities in Indonesia said that a Dutch citizen was among the two civilians killed in Jakarta.


A Periscope feed shows police and special forces on the scene of the attacks.


Jakarta police spokesman Col. Muhammad Iqbal has said that five attackers have been killed and two civilians in the Sarinah shopping mall, Associated Press reported.

He did not disclose if any attackers remain at large.


The lockdown of the UN building has reportedly been lifted, and staff evacuated in small groups. Earlier, explosions were reported outside the building, and a nearby Starbucks attacked.


There were at least 14 attackers involved in the attacks, and a manhunt is under way, the Jakarta Post is reporting.


Footage from the Skyline Building appear to show the attacks are over.


ABC is reporting that two civilians, including a Dutch citizen, and five attackers have been killed.


Attackers are believed to have been barricaded in the the Cakrawalla or Skyline Building in central Jakarta, which police and soldiers have cleared of attackers.


Police claiming the attackers are part of a terror cell from Solo, on the Indonesian island of Java that was disrupted by police before Christmas, ABC is reporting.


IBTimes UK reporter Elsa Buchanan has described where the suicide bombings and gun battles took place.

Jakarta attack Skyline Building
A series of bombings rocked downtown Jakarta, near the United Nations headquarters and a Starbucks, located in the Skyline Building, opposite the Sarinah Plaza on Jalan Sudirman Thamrin. Google Maps


This picture allegedly shows one of the gummen on the streets of the capital.


More footage, which seems to have been filmed from an overlooking apartment, of gun battle between police and attackers.