James Blunt has revealed he will be launching his own talent search to give aspiring stars the chance to support him at his London gig this December.

The You're Beautiful hit-maker will hold auditions and is open to people from a diverse range of musical backgrounds trying out.

"Anything goes! It doesn't have to be anything like my music at all. It doesn't have to be one man and a guitar, it can be anything. Bands, solo artists, whoever is great.

"I am up for anything and giving them a chance", he said.

The 40-year-old singer has always been involved in choosing his supporting acts and revealed that he got his break in the music industry from a big name when he started out.

"Elton John took me out as his support act in my earliest days. My first gig was to 20 people, or something, in North London. And then he took me out and I played to 40,000 people in Ipswich football stadium the next day. That was him giving new musicians an opportunity."

Blunt, whose chosen act will perform on stage at London's Hammersmith Apollo, made it clear that his talent search won't be anything like X Factor.

"X Factor competitions are not really about the music. I'm looking for something a bit more genuine," he explained.

The Brit Award winner has also been vocal about the recent comparisons between himself and X Factor finalist, Jay James. He tweeted: "Does the world need another James Blunt? It could have done without the first one".