He may be a married father-of-two but even James Corden can't resist the allure of a powerful woman.

The 36-year-old former Gavin and Stacey star has revealed he has a soft spot for former US first lady Hillary Clinton.

Corden made the surprising revelation when he took to the stages at the 2014 Glamour Woman of the Year Awards, describing Bill Clintons' wife as a "mum I'd like to follow into the White House."

"There is one woman here who I cannot take my eyes off, and there's one reason: it's because she's been undressing me with her eyes," Corden told the audience as he presented an award.

"You know how on Instagram they have weird-crush Wednesdays? You're my weird crush every day."

He added: "I want to be your ambassador for defence, secretary for offence; I want to be your minister of romance."

For those that don't know, Weird Crush Wednesday or WCW is a weekly event in Instagram when you get to give your crush their time to shine on social media.

Lucky for Corden, Clinton had chosen to attend the event with her daughter Chelsea instead of her husband. That would have been pretty awkward.